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Welcome to Eco Car Wash

Full service, Full Satisfaction

At eco car wash, we take great pride in providing the care to each and every client.
We're known for our customized and good service. Our priority is to give complete 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Services


We provided different services such as Handwash, Exterior wash, Full detail and Super Detail.



Provide a new mobile and eco-friendly system of washing and detailing vehicles in public and private parking places.



This is an environment friendly water less Car Wash. It cleans your car better than a regular water Car Wash.

Our Work.
Professional hand Wash utilizing scratch less and bio-degradable products.

Your Schedule.

Daily, monthly or scheduled service with a wash where you park concept.


Eco-friendly service using less than 1/4 gallon of water per wash.


Credit, Debit or Cash for your convenience.

Our Priority

Customer satisfaction guaranteed to support any service inconvenience.

Our Technology helps to protect the enviroment.

Our car wash has a variety services, that you, your car(and your wallet) will love!


Benefits - Property Manager.

Service provide without water leakage or potential structural damage to site. Also, one-stop-shop concept, increasing activity, flow and maximizing customer retention. Call us or email us for more information.

Benefits - Customer.

Saving the customer’s valuable time for more rewarding business or personal activities. Safe-One-Site professional hand wash (scratch less) with no need for car movement from the assigned or daily parked location. Service is performed at idle parking time

Benefits - Enviroment.

System utilizes 1/4 gallon of water per wash service and uses only biodegradable and eco- friendly products. In addition, by using our services you are saving over 50 gallon of water per wash. Contact us for more information.

We are licensed and insured.

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