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Save time, money and the environment. -Park & Wash-

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We offer 6 specialized Services and a-la-carte options to keep a simple menu with specialized service and quality.

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We’re excited to show you what we can do! This before and after will give you an idea of how efficient our services and staff are.

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Get a Full Detail After 6 washes. (request a frequent wash card)

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In Eco Car Wash we offer comprehensive prices in our services but always taking care of the quality.

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We are a Car Detailing Company serving Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, present in the industry for more than 10 years. We are certified and insured to guarantee your safety.

About Us


Eco Car Wash is an innovative hand washing system that is environmentally friendly, uses minimal water, and is a biodegradable product that simultaneously washes and waxes while leaving the vehicle with a finish that provides both UV and dust protection.

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How it works?

Customers entrust their vehicle to us, leave it in the parking spaces provided by management to perform our services, and we will carry out our services while the customer shops, goes to work, or does errands.


Unlimited Car Washes!

Always want a clean car? For one low monthly price you can wash your car every day and as many times as you like!

Exclusive Pass

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Hand Wash

Eco Car Wash uses NANO technology to clean vehicles, which encapsulates dirt in tiny capsules, lifting it form the surface of the car when it is wiping with a microfiber towel. Then with a second microfiber towel, we buff the surface of the car to bring out an incredible shine. This waterless wash and wax method not only cleans the paint, but also protect it from bringing up future paint contaminants..


Eco CarWash is the solution for busy professionals. The vehicles can be washed in the place where you park or the places already selected, which allows you to save time and enjoy the important things in life.


Instead of wasting water, we use a special biodegradable and eco-friendly concep that removes dirt and protects the paint layer. Over 50 gallons of water per wash are saved in this process, benefitting customers, business owners, and the environment. 


For your convenience we accept most Credit or Debit cards. Secure payments in the store or online payment through PayPal .
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