We started with a simple idea.

Our journey started with a simple idea at a garage on delivering a relishing Car wash experience by combining the fresh talent with professionals and making our customers believe in us.
Based on our ideology we hired the best in business from all over the country. And by combining our vision with their experience crafted a masterpiece and named it Eco Car Wash . In Eco Car Wash we provide you all the possibilities for making your car shine like a brand new.
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Our Mission

We believe in perfection through profession, happiness through service. We as a team can change the way your CAR look. You can rely on our team and we will make sure your car gets the best.
  • Premium Wax.
  • Paint Correction.
  • Steam Cleaning.
  • Hand Wash.
  • interior odour free.

How we work

Customers entrust their vehicle to us, leave it in the parking spaces provided by management to perform our services, and we will carry out our services while the customer shops, goes to work, or does errands.

We love doing the car wash. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to reach out to the local community and serve with absolutely no strings attached.

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